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Bill creates best practices for state government, local government, and businesses to prevent pay disparity between men and women. 

(Columbia, MO) – State Representative Stephen Webber (D-46) filed legislation today requiring the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations to develop best practices to ensure employees are treated and compensated fairly regardless of gender.

The legislation filed today takes a proactive approach in addressing pay disparity between men and women by directing the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations to create best practices for state government, local government, and private sector businesses to prevent pay disparity based on gender. The bill requires the department to complete the best practices guidelines by January of 2016.

“The pay gap effects women from all backgrounds and levels of education,” said Webber, “By establishing best practices we can take a proactive approach to ensuring women are fairly compensated in the workplace. Working towards a fair workplace will keep Missouri businesses competitive by retaining and recruiting the best workers.” 

A recent report by the American Association of University Women noted the negative impact of gender pay disparity on families and children.  The report also noted women’s median pay in Missouri is 21% less than their male counterparts1.   

“Creating best practices to address the gender pay gap will help businesses and government recruit the best and brightest from across the country while helping Missouri families make ends meet,” said Webber.

Today is the first day legislation can be filed for consideration during the upcoming Missouri legislative session.  The bill is House Bill 44.

Representative Stephen Webber is an attorney and the senior member of the Boone County House delegation. Prior to his election to the Missouri House he served two tours in Iraq as a Marine Infantryman.  



1. The Simple Truth About the Gender Pay Gap. Christianne Corbet. The American Association of University Women. Fall 2014. Available for download at


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Today I filed for my third term representing Columbia in the Missouri House. I'm looking forward to meeting new constituents in the freshly drawn 46th district. But, as always, I will continue to work for the whole city.


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The state of Missouri should have zero tolerance for discrimination and sexual harassment. Shockingly, this common-sense statement is under attack in the Missouri House of Representatives. House Bill 205, which is currently moving through the House, is an attempt to weaken current laws that prohibit Missourians from being discriminated against or sexually harassed. Missourians currently are protected against discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations by the Missouri Human Rights Act.

Disappointingly, one omission in the act is sexual orientation. Missourians often are surprised to learn that it is perfectly legal to fire a worker, evict a tenet, even throw a patron out of a restaurant simply for being gay or appearing to be gay. Legislation that I sponsored to expand protection was stopped in committee last year.

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