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Representative Stephen Webber on closing the Gender Pay Gap (KMIZ) 

"It's a family issue...and it's simply unfair." thanks to Joey Parker at KMIZ for having me on "This Week" to discuss legislation addressing the gender pay gap.


Webber appointed ranking member of Higher Education Appropriations Committee

State Rep. Stephen Webber, D-Columbia, announced Monday he was appointed the ranking member of the Higher Education Appropriations Committee today.

“Higher education drives the economy of mid-Missouri and creates workers ready for the quality middle-class jobs of the 21st century,” Webber said in a news release.

According to the release, the committee considers bills, measures and questions pertaining to the appropriations and disbursements of public money for the funding of the Missouri Department of Higher Education.

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Gender pay inequality an ongoing issue (KOMU) 

A new bill to address income inequality amongst genders has been proposed by Rep. Stephen Webber, D-Columbia.
Webber said the problem isn't just historically different jobs.
"Women who have graduated with the same majors in the same job fields are making less," he said.
Nationally, women make 78 cents for every dollar a man makes. According to a recent report by the Women's Foundation, women in Missouri face a more significant inequity, making 71 cents for every dollar a man makes.


Bill creates best practices for state government, local government, and businesses to prevent pay disparity between men and women. 

(Columbia, MO) – State Representative Stephen Webber (D-46) filed legislation today requiring the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations to develop best practices to ensure employees are treated and compensated fairly regardless of gender.

The legislation filed today takes a proactive approach in addressing pay disparity between men and women by directing the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations to create best practices for state government, local government, and private sector businesses to prevent pay disparity based on gender. The bill requires the department to complete the best practices guidelines by January of 2016.

“The pay gap effects women from all backgrounds and levels of education,” said Webber, “By establishing best practices we can take a proactive approach to ensuring women are fairly compensated in the workplace. Working towards a fair workplace will keep Missouri businesses competitive by retaining and recruiting the best workers.” 

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"It's mind-blowing hypocrisy," How state lawmakers pump up pensions in ways you can't

"It's mind-blowing hypocrisy," says state Rep. Stephen Webber, a Democrat from Missouri. State lawmakers there meet for roughly five months a year and are paid slightly more on average than a state worker, but records show a typical lawmaker's pension averages 30% more than a state worker's. The reason: rules legislators wrote for themselves. "The whole two-tiered system really encapsulates how we've operated here in Missouri and in the rest of the country," he says. "Lawmakers treat themselves differently."

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