Mid-Missouri is a special place. As a kid, I remember spending Saturday mornings playing soccer at Cosmo Park, hiking with Boy Scout Troop 707 at the Pinnacles, and attending events at Hickman High School.  Growing up here everyone just understood if you take time to invest in people, work together, and help each other, our community becomes a better place to live. We didn't talk about it - we just did it. My parents, who work at the University of Missouri, demonstrated those values every day, educating Missouri's next generation of leaders, investing in people, and making our community stronger through education. 

In college I enlisted in the Marine Corps and was deployed to combat in Iraq. I found the Marines shared the same values we have in Mid-Missouri - invest in people, work together, help your neighbor, and strive to make your team better. After graduating from college I volunteered to return to Iraq and led a squad of 12 Marines, even though I disagreed with the war, because I had an obligation to use my experience and lead them through the difficulties ahead. I returned from Iraq with a stronger commitment to public service and a desire to make Mid-Missouri an even better place to live.

As a State Representative my goal is simple: work with anyone, regardless of party, who wants to make our community better. I've reached across the aisle to try to make college more affordable, increase job training, support middle-class families, and ensure access to healthcare at no cost to taxpayers.

As a State Senator I will continue to work with anyone who wants to make Mid-Missouri a great place to live. Mid-Missouri can lead our state, training the next generation of engineers, scientist, farmers, teachers, and technicians. We can become the best in the world at developing new industries in fields such as material science, agriculture, and nuclear medicine, all creating family-supporting jobs. Not at some far off time, not later, but right now.

Now is the time for us to lead. I hope you will join me,  

Stephen Webber

Stephen Webber is a valuable member of the Central Missouri delegation, a strong supporter of the university and K-12 education, and a person with the kind of intellect and personality we should want in the legislature.”
— Columbia Daily Tribune (10/27/2012)

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